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Excited to announce my participation in Jalisco Talent Land 2024! I will give a talk and workshop, in addition, the next Prompt Battles tournament will be held! 

#TalentLand2024 #InteligenciaArtificial

01 al 04 de abril 2024 | Expo Guadalajara

Jalisco Talent Land 2024

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On May 13 at 12 noon at @CCDmx the #PromptBattles generative art tournament will take place at the #LaTerceraOlaDigital event and I will be talking about Artificial Intelligence and art on the panel: What is the future of creativity


Two works from my most recent collection "La máquina de pintar" will be presented in Cuba in the collective exhibition, "Lo llevó en la sangre" at the Emilio Rivero Merlín Gallery in Güira de Melena on October 25 at 3 pm!

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Two of my favorite works will be presented in Xalapa in the international collective exhibition, "Identidad Adherida a la Piel en Cinco Siglos de Historia" in the IMAC auditorium. 08 (5-30) 2022


I am very excited to be invited by the IEEE Computer Society PUCP to give a talk on the use of artificial intelligence in art.


This webinar will take place on Thursday, June 16, at 2:00 pm (GTM-5)


Sign up using the QR or by clicking the link:

Very excited to announce that I'm showcasing several of my works at Metaverse 2022! Now live at the Sikka Art and Design Festival! (15-24 March 2022)


"La reina de Mictlán" printed in grayscale was part of the Collective Exhibition "Crash" - Mexico NFTs Group Show (December 16, 17, and 18, 2021) at UNIÓN - space for artists

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